It was his boss at the Produce Market Tony A., who gave him the nickname "Chubby".   The store owner
 of Fresh Farm  Poultry, Henry Colt, was so  impressed by Chubby's performances for the customers  
 that his friend Kal Mann, who worked as a songwriter for Cameo-Parkway Records arranged for young    
 Chubby to do a privaterecording for American Bandstand host Dick Clark. It was at this recording session  
 that Chubby got his stage name from Clark's wife,  who asked him what his name was. Fats Domino  
 impression, she smiled and said, "As in Checker?  He recorded variations on the Twist theme, such as
"Let's Twist Again" to keep the craze alive (although  "Let's Twist Again" was and has remained more
 popular than "The Twist"