"I Believe"  
is a popular song written in 1953. "I Believe" was commissioned and  
introduced by Jane Froman on her television show, and became the
first hit song ever introduced on TV. Froman, troubled by the uprising
of the Korean War in 1952 so soon after World War II, asked Drake,
Graham, Shirl and Stillman to compose a song that would offer hope
and faith to the populace.
    The Earls, sometimes credited as Larry Chance and the Earls,
were a popular recording group from the 1960s formed in The Bronx,
New York. In 1962, their single "Remember Then" was a hit,and "I
Believe" also charted. As the oldies revival scene started a strong run
in the early 1970s and 1980s, the Earls became one of the most
requested groups in the doo-wop genre. They are still actively
performing and remain on the oldies circuit.The Earls are one of the
New York City doo-wop success stories. Discovered singing on the
street corner in front of subway station, the Earls took the original black
doo-wop street corner harmony sound, and refined and expanded it for  
new audiences