"Act Naturally"
    is a song written by Johnny Russell and Voni
 Morrison, originally recorded by Buck Owens and
the Buckaroos, whose version reached number 1
on theBillboard Country Singles chart in 1963, his
first chart-topper.  One night, some of Johnny
Russell"s friends from Oklahoma planned to do a
recording session in Los Angeles.  Russell had to
break a date with his then-girlfriend. "When she
asked me why  I was going to L.A., I answered,
'They are going to put me in the movies and make
 a big star out of me.' Thus inspired, Russell
 quickly came up with a concept for a love song
 based around his comment
    The Beatles covered the song in 1965 on their
 album Help! (in the United Kingdom) and as the  
 B-side of the "Yesterday" single in the U.S. The  
 Beatles'  version is sung by Ringo Starr.