Good Morning Bruce and Bunni,
   Thanks for a great night on Saturday night. Everyone has been telling me it was
the best dinner  dance party they attended and both you and Bunni are
responsible for that. You kept everyone on the dance floor all night long which is
a compliment to your great ability to entertain. Looking forward to our March
Dinner Dance and seeing you both again. Tina Turner expressed my
feelings to a tee:
                                          You're simply the best
                                           Better than all the rest
                               Judy Mulhearn and All Your Mainlands 4 Friends
   It really was great to have you guys  
 play at  my  facility. It was a great
show. This crowd really loves you
guys. .  See you soon.

Nick Lazazzara Rec Sup @Skolnick Center  
                                                Pompano Beach
 People are still coming up  
to me telling me what a great
time they had at the dinner.  
    Thanks so much for
always providing a fun
atmosphere when you are
performing.  Can't wait to
see you both again
      on March 17th.
Just spent the most fabulous
night with my parents at Popeis
singing and dancing to 50's
music with CONEY ISLAND
one word for tonight.   
              Priceless ;).
It was a night that i wish
didn't have to end.Great.
And much needed
  As discussed last night, here are the dates   
for next year that I would like you to perform:
 January 19, 2013    March 16, 2013  
hanks for making this the best St.
Patrick's  day ever.  Everyone kept telling me  
what a great time they had at the dinner dance
and how much they enjoyed both you and
Bunni.  You kept everyone entertained and on
the  dance floor all night
  What, no next year. You just broke our hearts.
 We were there tonight and as always you guys
made  sooooo many people happy.  Not too many
entertainers out there can do what you and BunnI
do. Try to keep it going. You are both very much
appreciated. Remember all those happy faces.  Thank  you
for tonight and all the other great night's!
Hi Bunni & Bruce!  
 We really enjoy you and Bruce, the music is great
and you're a lot of fun.  You two put on a great
show.  Thanks for another great night at
Michelangelo's!!!!  You guys were terrific.
                         See ya in November!
                           Barbara & Doug
   We had a great time Sat night.  
In November we now have two tables -
one for 22 boat friends and one for 6
dance friends ,  I can't wait.
Best to you and Bunny
Gail & Howie
       Even though brief, our
moments at  Michelangelo's are
cherished.  Great music, great
dancing, and those  apple-tinis
weren't half bad either.  Glad we
caught you, and thanks again for
playing overtime!   
           Chris and Mike
  I know I speak for everyone, we loved you
playing for us....you both were fantastic.  Thanks
again for making my dinner dance such a great
success.  Will definitely try to make it on March
12th.  Looking forward to seeing you both again.

         Judy Mulhearn -
SECTION 4 Mainlands , Tamarac
   Hi... Enjoyed your videos and want you to know I went to
the dinner dance at section 4 because I was told you would
be there.  It, of course, was the wrong month and I am
hoping it is true that you will be in Mainlands 4 on February
20th..... please verify as the entertainment of last Saturday
was perhaps the worst ever!!!  We did have a good time
because that's what we should do, but was mightily
disappointed that it was not you!
                     Hope to see you then... Pam Bushnell
                        Commisioner -  City of Tamarac , Fla
  Our heart felt thanks for making our party
on  September 21, 2008 a HUGE success.
There is nothing that compares to live
entertainment, and your unique style,
fabulous voices and incredible assortment
of music has my friends and family still
talking about you.   You kept the night
moving, fun and very entertaining.  Coney
Island Baby is on the top of my list for
anyone looking to insure their party is a
HUGE  success.
Thank you again,  You're the BEST,
                       Marie and Yolanda
Jan 9, 2010     Hi -
       Looked at your site and was impressed. When
something apropos arises I will surely think of you two.
Gonna put it in the rolodex.    We mostly do 4 pc and larger
but we also get the occasional call for duos and you guys
are great. Let's keep in touch, and please send me a
reminder every month or something just in case....Thanks.
                            Tropics Entertainment
  763 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite H,  Miami Beach, FL 33140
     My name is Pat Morgioni
I am a chairperson of the
Thirty Nine Plus Club at Bretton
Woods in Coram, NY.
We are interested in having
you come to us in June. The
date is June 4, 2010 at 8 P.M.
We would need prices and more
information from you.  Please be
in touch with me.  I've heard
you are wonderful.
Bunni and Bruce,  
 Michael and I had a  
blast last Saturday night.  
You made our last time a
memorable one.  I do
have a picture of
Michael's "invasion" on
your act ..........if you think
you might like to put it on
your website I can send it
to you.     Please keep in
touch.........you are a
fabulous couple and fun
to be around.  
  We had a really  great
time,  You guys made the
party special.  Thank  you,
Bunni,for your kind
words.  I  picked up very
good vibes  from you as
Sherie Sibley
  Valencia Lakes
           Boynton Beach Fla
Just wanted to  write and say  
thank  you for a nice job yesterday!  We were
fortunate that the weather gave us a break .
Your show was excellent, and I 'm sure we will  
find some more opportunities for you in the
future.  Photos from show are posted.
                         Take care,
                        DJ Scott